Outdoor Blinds

  • Outdoor blinds is suitable to be installed outside of a structure or building.
  • These outdoor blinds are able to withstand harsher weather elements than indoor blinds.
  • The roller blinds are available in several variations.
  • The Outdoor blind is capable of providing privacy, shading and limited wind protection.
  • They are not 100% waterproof, but rather water resistant.
  • Outdoor screens can be Crank-operated - they are perfect to reduce heat gain and glare whilst providing privacy.
  • Alternatively they can be motorised with smart obstacle detection option.
Types of fabric
  • Soltis 86 and Soltis 92
    • Soltis fabrics enable solar protection.
    • Both fabrics are weater and UV resistant. They are also 100% recyclable.
  • Vertisol Polyscreen 550
    • The Vertisol Polyscreen 550 collection is ideal for external blinds.
    • Vertisol Polyscreen fabrics maintain natural ventilation, whilst still allowing an outdoor view.
  • Basden
    • The Basden collection is certified by most recognised organisations to conform with enviromentally friendly production methods and are free from harmfull substances so disposing or recylcing is safe.
    • The 3m wide fabrics can be used in both directions and is availalbe in 3 colours. Black Panther, Darkest Tan and Charcoal Black.